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Pioneer Certificates

Napa Valley Genealogical Society issues Pioneer Certificates to direct descendants of early Napa County settlers.

NVGS has issued more than 50 Pioneer Certificates over the years. For each named pioneer, the Society maintains a file containing the family genealogy and corroborating documentation.

Many of these pioneers have gone unnoticed. Our Pioneer Certificate program provides a way to gather information about these important local ancestors. In addition to receiving a Pioneer Certificate, successful applicants are contributing to the preservation of Napa County's history.

Do you have a Napa pioneer in YOUR family tree?

Apply for your own pioneer certificate — help further research and understanding of Napa County history!

Download application (PDF)

To receive a certificate, the applicant must prove DIRECT descent from a person who resided in Napa County sometime between 9 September 1850 (date of California statehood) and 31 December 1899. The ancestor need not have been born in Napa County nor must they have remained here, but it must be clearly proved that they resided in Napa at some time during this period.

Documented proof includes: Census records, birth certificates, marriage records, tax records, land deeds, church records, dated newspaper articles, and other primary documents.

Our Napa Pioneers

Allen, Jacob O.

Bale, Edward Turner

Bartlow, Calvin C.

Beard, William W.

Blake, John

Blake-McCombs-Sawyer, Araminta

Boundsall, John

Bradley, Thomas Wesley

Chapman, Levi Asa

Chapman, Solomon Maxley

Chase, Capt. George B.

Chenette, Joseph

Clovedill, Eli

DeWeese, George Washington

Elkinston, James Edward

Ellsworth, Eliphalet V.

Gillen, Cornelius (Neal)

Griffith, James A.

Hampton, Reuben R.

Hannah-Roney-Moss, Delila Jane

Harer, Evan

Haugse, Lars Jonsson

Hazelton, Pearse R.

Head, John

Holzreiter, Peter E.

Ish, Carroll Whitfield

McCombs-Hague, Hannah

McCombs, Isaac

McCombs, Lambert

McCombs-Shores-Roney, Martha A.

Meyer, Conrad

Meyer, Maria Keller

Roney, Alexander Stevenson

Roney, Leonides "Lee"

Roney-Price-Price, Helen M.

Sammons, Ira

Tucker, Reason P.

Valencia, Enos Anthony

Warner, Barbara Cole


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