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1.       500 Brickwall Solutions     by Family Chronicle Magazine

2.       Annie’s Ghosts     by  Luxenberg

3.       A Scottish Syndicate in the Redwoods        by Shepherd

4.       By Faith Alone     by  Griffeth

5.       Cheap Amusements                 by Peiss

6.       City of Roses   by Moffat

7.       Counter Cultures                     by Benson

8.       Family                         by Ian Frazier

9.       Family Papers    by  Reed

10.   Finding Eliza                           by Fishman

11.   Finding Your Roots        by Westin

12.   Grandmother’s House     by  Chapman

13.   Hey, America, Your roots are showing   by  Smolenyak

14.   How to Find Almost Anyone, Anywhere      by Tillman

15.   Isle of Canes    by Mills

16.   In Search of your British & Irish Roots        by  Baxter

17.   Letters of Catharine Cottam Romney              by  Hansen                 

18.   Living in the Shadow of Death            by Rothman

19.   Looking Back        by   Lowry

20.   My History is America’s History          by National Endow.

21.   Nearby History, exploring the past around you.           By Kyvig & Marty

22.   Only a Few Bones        by   Colletta

23.   Red River     by Tademy

24.   Search for the Shadowman     by  Nixon

25.   Small-Town Boy, Small-Town Girl    by  Fowler/Delaney

26.   The Lives They Left Behind,      by Penney/Stastny

27.   Tolkien Family Album         by  Tolkien

28.   The Family                              by Laskin

29.   The Secret Rooms                   by Bailey

30.   The Lost Ancestor, A Genealogical Crime Mystery     by  Nathan Dylan Goodwin

31.   The Redbook                           Ancestry

32.   The Source                              Ancestry

33.   Not the Mother I Remember, a memoir                      by Starfire

34.   The America Ground         by Nathan Dylan Goodwin  (2015)

35.   Dr. Martha: The Life of a Pioneer Physician, Politician & Polygamist      by Mari Grana

36.   Reunion, A Search for Ancestors           by Ryan Littrell

37.   Reunited                    by Pamela Slaton

38.   Citizens Creek                   by Lalita Tademy

39.   Unlocking Your Genetic History         by  Thomas H. Shawker, M.D.

40.   Complete Idiot’s guide to Genealogy        by Rose & Ingalls

41.   Paper Love     by Sarah Wildman

42.   The Spyglass File         by Nathan Goodwin   (2016)

43.   Sophie’s secret       by Helen R. Hasselman

44.   Orphan Train   by  Christina Baker Kline

45.   The Missing Man    by Nathan D. Goodwin  (2017)  

46.   Hiding the Past     by Nathan D. Goodwin  (2013)

47.   The Spyglass File     by   Nathan D. Goodwin  (2016)

48.   The Beauty of What Remains; Family Lost, Family found       by Susan J. Hadler

49.   Not My Fathers Son                            by Alan Cummings

50.   The Family Tree                      by Carole Cadwalladr

51.   The Suffragette’s Secret   by Nathan Dylan Goodwin

52.   Generations An American Family   by John Egerton

53.   Emigrants in Chains   by Peter Wilson Coldham

54.   The Prussian Captain    by  Ann Brough

55.   We Were the Lucky Ones     by Georgia Hunter

56.   Death Finds A Way   by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

57.   In Search of William Wolfskill       by  Conchita Thornton Marusich

58.   Finding Family                        by  Richard Hill

59.   Betty Lou                     by Steven Phillips

60.   Inheritance                               by Dani Shapiro

61.   The Last of the Blacksmiths     by  Claire Gebben

62.   A Family Apart a memoir       by Craig A. Steffen

63.   Pale as the Dead                      by Fiona Mountain

64.   Family Matters                         by Michael Sharpe

65.   Swabbed & Found                   by Frank Billingsley

66.   Paper and Spit                         by Don Anderson

67.   Practical Genealogy                 by Brian Sheffy

68.   The Sterling Affair                   by Nathan Dylan Goodwin

69.   The Orange Lilies                    by Nathan Dylan Goodwin

70.   Murder Once Removed           by Kathleen Kunz

71.   The Soul of the Family Tree                by Lori Erickson

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