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Round Table Discussion Groups

The Round Table Discussion Group (for members only) meets online the first Monday of every month at 11:00 am. Round Table meetings enable society members to share stories, ask questions, and connect without the health-related and logistical constraints of in-person gatherings. The goal, in contrast to monthly education programs, is to provide opportunity for social interaction.

The host starts the discussion with a brief statement on the pre-arranged topic. He or she usually shares a relevant example from personal experience.

Next the host invites members to join the conversation. While the discussion begins on a topic of focused inquiry, conversations may expand to other areas of interest. Efforts are made to acknowledge each contribution and to encourage participation by all members who wish to share.

To prevent monopolization of the discussion, the host provides reminders of the meeting’s limited duration and the need to give each person an opportunity to speak.

The host ends the meeting by affirming everyone’s participation and contribution. To promote continued learning and sharing, the host may make reference to upcoming society programs or events.

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